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This Is Pilah (2018)

This Is Pilah tells about the romance of a young man named Jasni who has long been in love with Ara but it was hard for Jasni to ingratiate Ara’s mother, Mak Siti who saw Jasni as a young man who did not have a bright future unlike his father, Pak Dollah, a successful entrepreneur.

Mak Siti wants a son-in-law who will give happiness to Ara, without Ara having to work for her own livelihood. The situation becomes more and more complicated when quietly, Pak Dollah has also fallen in love with Mak Siti. Pak Dollah and Mak Siti did not encourage Jasni to marry Ara. The reason given is that Jasni and Ara are from one tribe and according to Adat Pepatih such marriage is strongly discouraged.

Jasni’s dream is getting harder to come true when he knew that Ara will be proposed by a young man from Seremban. Jasni did not despair until it was confirmed that Pak Dollah would marry Mak Siti. But Jasni regained his confidence when he was enlightened by Waris that he was adopted and had no direct line with Ara’s family. But, Jasni needs to act immediately before Ara accepts the proposal from the Seremban guy!


Quality: Hdtv


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Bruneian guy
3 months ago

Boss nak telemovie “Dua” yang pasal kembar tu..ada sharifah sakinah tu..😁

Mastar Ji
Reply to  Bruneian guy
3 months ago

Takda Source Boss Huhu

Saskia Rafifatunnisa
3 months ago

Eh, habis ini jangan lupa ya upload film Apa Kata Hati (2008) tapi harus benar-benar ada filenya ya………

Ini alamat link IMDB-nya (

Mastar Ji
Reply to  Saskia Rafifatunnisa
3 months ago

Sabar Mas..Filenya Lagi Di Encode,Soalnya Size Filenya Gedek Amat,Harus Di Perkecil Dulu Sizenya πŸ™‚

3 months ago

penipu besar la.. file apa pun takde..phuii

Mastar Ji
Reply to  pundek
3 months ago

Ada Ja Tu Boss πŸ™‚