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Leftenan Adnan (2000) [REMASTERED]

This is a film about a Malaysian soldier, Lt. Adnan, who gave his life in defending Malaya from the Japanese invasion during World War II. It exemplifies an example of the patriotic spirit that should be in every Malaysian. Lt. Adnan was a courageous individual who was willing to give everything, including his life, for the people and nation. He also succeeded in destroying the widely held myth that Malays were good only as rebels and pirates. He believed that no matter what, as a patriotic citizen, one had to fight until the last drop of blood to defend the nation.

Duration: 127 min

Quality: WEB-DL


IMDb: 7.6

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2 months ago

Ni yg re-cut, nak yg Netflix version ade X, tq admin

3 months ago

Min bwk msuk versi restorasi yg kt Netflix tu ke sini semua scene yg kne cut tu ade kt situ..

3 months ago

Min update webdl

3 months ago

Admin, minta tolong update link Leftenan Adnan Remastered

busuk banget
1 year ago

Admin, tolong udate link

busuk banget
1 year ago

tolong update link

1 year ago

min nk request movie, TQ!

1 year ago

Hi Tuan Admin.. tolong upload Leftenan Adnan versi asal.. Versi restorasi ini banyak scene yg dah dipotong / edit.. TQ tuan Admin…

1 year ago

Admin update leftenan adnan 2020 versi 4k

Pecinta Movie
1 year ago

admin yang prihatin minta tolong kemaskini link
nak request cerita embun juga ye

Pecinta Movie
1 year ago

admin tolong udate link

U sangat cute
1 year ago

ejas miimaland bossku